Project 2 Developing your marks: Stage 4 Preparing to create textures


For this stage I found out some paintings I’d made whilst experimenting with making marks, and a card I’d received for my birthday. I studied the textures that could be seen then went looking through all my bits and bobs for things I felt were similar. I felt the first pink painting seemed like it was oozing down the paper and I made up a small sample to try and recreate the feeling. The second big pink painting reminded me of a flower, like the one shown on a piece of silk, I could see this being made up with many layers of appique, french knots and beads as it looks so lumpy and bumpy.

The birthday card inspired me to try making a few little watercolour paintings to try and capture the textures. I then tried painting on fabrics with different gold paint to see the effects, I managed to scrap circles into acrylic paint on calico so it resembled the background of the card. Some of the watercolours looked quite rough and crusty – definitely really textured. So I found out threads and fabric scraps with lots different textures that could be built up in a similar manner. My small sample is made from couched on cotton jersey strips I stretched on, then stitched over with perle cotton and silk thread.


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  1. Just happen to fly by your post and thought that maybe you’d like to visit a post of mine called:
    Listen, Look and be Heard, there’s a fun texture in the background, hope you can spot why:)

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