Sketchbook Work


These sketchbook pieces are continuing my work on cells, they are created with watercolours, acrylic paint, paint sticks and collage.

One of these is a quick copy of a Derain painting, I then experimented with similar colours. The red piece was made experimenting with texture paste and thick acrylic paint.

For these I continued looking at Fauve style colours and techniques, these trees are inspired by the work of Henri Manguin, especially ‘Morning at Cavaliere‘¬†and ‘Woman Bather’, both painted in 1906. Manguin’s painting of course was much larger than mine, but I like the blocky, thick brush strokes, as well as his exciting use of colour. My use of colour is still quite tame in comparison and lacks in variation, the overall effect is also too smooth, but that is something I’ve tried to work on in my boat paintings. I also investigated ways of creating depth in a picture – the backgrounds tend to be paler and more grey/blue, whilst colours in the foreground are brighter.

These are my most recent sketchbook pieces, they continue on from work I’ve been doing in my theme book using strong dark lines to make expressive art work. These are mostly done in charcoal, but some include watercolour and paint sticks too. I started working on these after re-reading the book ‘Expressive Drawing’ by Steven Aimone, I’ve had this book a while and love to come back to it when I feel like drawing just for the fun of it, without having to make the picture be identifiable as anything in particular. I especially like the pieces I drew in charcoal then repeatedly covered with a white paint-stick to block areas back out, eventually I added some colour over the top, I love the layered effect this created. This kind of sketching with expressive black lines and areas of colour led me to discover the work of Jenny Saville and works like ‘Oxyrhynchus’ from an exhibition of the same name, as well as her series ‘In the realm of the Mothers’. This in turn inspired some of the work in my theme book.


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