Theme Book continued…


These are a collection of quick sketches in acrylic paint, water-colour, pencil, charcoal and ink-tense pencils. Some were done at a life drawing session, whilst others were done using photo’s. I tried using paint to sketch with after watching a TV programme about Tracey Emin which showed her sketching nudes for pieces similar to ‘I said No’ and ‘Waiting for it’. Tracey’s pieces are a lot looser and rougher than mine, something I need to work at.

In this collection of pictures I started looking more at working in layers and different colours. For some pieces I started off with a simple background of white or a single colour, my favorite piece has to be the woman lying on a blanket which I painted over an orange background, I feel like the warmth of the deep orange really shines through the layers of paint used over it, this was completed at a life drawing session so I’m especially pleased as I find painting that way much harder than using a photo. Other pieces were worked over old paintings, scraps of paper, colourful or textured acrylic backgrounds, some of these I felt worked well, others not so much.

These are my most recent pieces, for these I worked a bit bigger, most are way too big to fit in my sketchbook! One is worked in charcoal but all the rest are in acrylic paint, this is because I found it very hard to get the depth of colour with the charcoal, and when I did get enough on the paper to make it really black then it was prone to smudging everywhere. In these I’m trying to capture emotion, I really want to portray whatever the figure is feeling, this is challenging because I feel sometimes my faces become very cartoon-like and less realistic, a lot of the portraits through out my theme book end up with dark defined features no matter what my intentions are when I start. This work was done around the same time I discovered the work of Jenny Saville through my sketchbook work, and in my next pieces I would like to try and emulate some of her techniques to see how they look in comparison to these pieces as hers are so expressive and full of movement.


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