Assignment 4


Reflective commentary.

I didn’t enjoy this area of the course at all, and so ended up dragging it out over a long period of time which probably made it seem even worse. My hands can be stiff and shaky so i found spending any decent amount of time on these samples painful, and would often have to leave them for a few days before continuing. I much prefer to get a piece mostly or entirely finished in one go where possible, otherwise I feel it loses its flow, and my mind is always crammed full of so many ideas that I’m ready to move on to the next one.

The areas I did manage to find some enjoyment in were weaving with paper and split-ply braiding, both of these I feel could be included in other projects. For example, the woven paper could be used as a background or collaged into a painting, and the split-ply braiding could be incorporated into embroidery or sewn together to make more of a 3D piece.

During this time I found that I really enjoyed working in my theme book, developing my passion for painting figures and portraits. My pieces eventually became bigger than my sketchbook, and I enjoyed the freedom this gave me, especially as a direct contrast to the restrictive nature of the weaving. However, I’m still struggling with how to develop my theme book work into a final textile piece. My current idea is to take an expressive close up portrait and develop it into a many layered, appliqued and embroidered wall hanging, but I’m unsure whether to go in that direction or try to create something more 3D. I’m completely sure though, that it won’t involve loom weaving.


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