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Project 6 Manipulating Fabric


To work on this project I chose these 6 pages of my sketchbook to work from.

  • The first two are inspired by fungi I spotted whilst out walking, I made a few initial sketches then worked from those and additional photo’s I found, experimenting with collage, oil pastels, acrylic paint and inktense pencils.
  • The next page was inspired by a photo I found of bird in a magazine which was focused on the beautiful pattern made by its feathers, I worked on these ideas using layering and scratching away acrylic paint, wax crayons, marker pens and a fabric collage. It was the jewel-like colours and overlapping shapes which really interested me here.
  • The ‘rock-pool’s’ page was inspired by the road where I walk my dog, it is very broken and uneven and the patterns the stones form on the floor always catch my attention. I really love the small range of colour’s shown in the photo I found, it is very simple and ‘earthy’ feeling, but still has lots of contrast, it also has a strong circular feeling to me which I think came through ion my sketches.
  • The page about ‘birds on a cliff’ doesn’t really show up very well in the photo, but I felt very drawn to its feeling of many layers and lines.
  • The last page I worked on has to be my favorite. I had been reading a book about people marooned on a desert island and when I saw this photo in a magazine it caught my attention. I really love the shapes and colours shown in the photo, although in some ways my sketches and collages make me think more of a peacocks tail than the desert island I intended.

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