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Project 3 Colour: Stage 5 Coloured Stitches


For this exercise I had to use a black background and two primary colours – I picked red and blue to work with. I tried mixing the colours together in two different ways, using small crosses and french knots. The crosses blend together when viewed from a distance, whereas the french knots are still very separate looking. I think the amount of background fabric showing through has a big effect here, with the french knots not much of the fabric is visible so theres a clear contrast between colours, but with the crosses a lot of black can be seen, which I think dulls the effects of the colours on each other. Also, the crosses don’t directly touch, just sit near each other, whereas the knots are pressed up against each other. Read the rest of this entry


Project 3 Colour : Stage 3 More recording colours accurately…


I’d been finding the subject of colour matching, and which colours play nicely together very confusing so I attended a workshop run by a local artist called Vicki Norman. One of the first things we looked at was how to accuratly match a colour.

Order of matching when colour mixing.

  1. Hue – colour eg. red, blue etc
  2. Value – light or darkness
  3. Saturation – bright vibrant colour through to grey de-saturated ones.

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Project 3 Colour: Stage 4 Colour moods and themes


Exercise 1.

For this exercise I had to express pairs of words using colours and marks. I chose the words happy/sad, bright/dull, active/passive. I worked in acrylic paints, and I’m most happy with how sad, and dull turned out, they feel to me like they contain a lot of texture, and I like the muted colours.

I then chose the evocative words envy and anger to try out colour associations on a larger scale! Read the rest of this entry