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Final Reflection 


When I started this journey my main aim was to improve my skills whilst doing something I really love. I’ve always really enjoyed painting and sewing, but sometimes felt like I didn’t know what to do next, I was hoping this course would give me a definite direction to work in, and it has, although I haven’t always enjoyed the areas needing to be studied. 

The area I’ve found the most helpful is creating sketchbooks, before if I wanted to create something I just dived straight in and didn’t always get the results I wanted. Using sketchbooks has shown me how useful it is to quickly try out ideas and different ways of expressing them, as well as the importance of practice. I feel regular practice of drawing and painting skills in my sketchbooks have really improved my techniques, so I feel happier with my final pieces of work.

Working on my final piece has really shown me that I’ve changed the way I develop an idea, before I would’ve just made my final piece then had to go back and make up all the preparation work to fit in. Instead I started by gathering some reference images, then sketching out some initial ideas. After feedback from my tutor I then tried to incorporate his ideas into my work, before trying out a number of different techniques and ideas in smaller samples. I then chose my favourite areas from these samples to work into my bigger final piece.


Assignment 5


For this assignment I started by looking back through my sketchbooks, I really liked the pieces I’d done using strong bold colours and fairly simple lines. I also noticed that although my theme book covers a general theme of ‘people’, a lot of the sketches are just portraits of faces. I especially enjoyed creating sketches or paintitngs of faces with lots of expression on them, like the monotone screaming faces.

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