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Research Point: Medallion Quilt


This is a quilt I started making as part of a ‘Hand-stitched Class’ from a blog called ‘Stitched in Color’ when I was in the dark depths of post-natal depression. The colours feel rich, warm and jewel-like to me which I find rather comforting. It is roughly a square shape, about 60in sq. Not only is it made from beautifully patterned fabrics but it also has plenty of hand embroidery and quilting to add to the decorative effect. Read the rest of this entry


Project 3 Colour: Stage 6 Combining textures and colour effects


Machine Embroidery.

For this exercise I managed to find two types of water-soluble fabric to try, one was a clear plastic film, and the other was opaque and felt more like paper. To start off with I tried out the plastic film with dark colours – I first stitched a grid on to the film with black thread using a straight stitch, then I went back over it using a zig-zag stitch in lots of different shades of blue and green trying to create a progression from to the other like you would find on the colour wheel. I spent a lot of time working on this piece as I thought it would require a lot of stitches to hold the new lacy fabric together, but when I dissolved the film I found my stitches had formed quite a hard and dense mat, so I decided with my next piece to try a few less layers of stitches. Read the rest of this entry