Assignment one


Assessment Criteria Review

Demonstration of Technical and Visual Skills

I managed to find plenty of different materials and techniques to try for this first part of the course, although finding so many different materials proved to be both time consuming and expensive – even though I feel I’ve barely scratched the surface of all the different materials out there.

There are also of course many more different techniques I could’ve used, but it can be difficult to try everything when you seem to need more equipment and different materials for every different technique. There are of course many more different stitches I could’ve tried, or things like dying fabric and threads, as well as different types of printing I could’ve tried. And that’s without all the different techniques I haven’t discovered or thought up yet!

My observational skills I feel are not too bad, as I can manage to roughly sketch down an image of something fairly successfully, however capturing the ‘feel’ or texture of something I found much more difficult. I feel I also need to work on my visual awareness as I’m not always the best at noticing things – I can spend hours searching for something that’s right in front of me, so I’m guessing that probably doesn’t translate well in to my work, I’m more of an ‘overall picture’ kind of person than really into noticing all the little details.

I tried hard to think of design and composition when working on my samples, but I’m the end I always just end up following my gut instinct, so I should probably work on this, I’m sure there are rules out there to help with composition etc. Design is a tough one, I find I get an idea in my mind of how I want something to look and then struggle to think up anything else or take on board other peoples criticisms, in the future I will try and come up with a few different designs to work from instead of just the one

Quality of Outcome

It seemed to me that I managed to produce a large amount of content, I worried at times that I was spending too much time on it, but then again at degree level I’m thinking it probably deserves to have plenty of time spent on it. I just hope that the results were of a good enough quality.

I feel ‘application of knowledge’ is a hard thing to demonstrate at this point in the course as it was all about experimenting. I have of course shown that I know how to make marks on paper and fabric, but then I’m sure that’s something that even small children could demonstrate!

I tried to present my work in a logical and coherent manner, although to be honest most of the time that wasn’t how I’d work on it. I found I would start a piece for one stage, especially with hand embroidery, and half way through it suited the requirements for a different stage better, which meant I often went back and started another piece to try and fulfil the original requirement. I guess this stems from me being more of a ‘wing it’ kind of person, that meant I struggled to get my thoughts and ideas down on paper in advance. I think I need to work more on my planning, and doing preparation for pieces before just diving in and trying to capture the millions of ideas buzzing round in my head.

Demonstration of Creativity

I think of myself as quite a creative and imaginative person, and I do like to try experimenting with new techniques and materials. However, I mostly do this in a very controlled way, by following tutorials out of books or online, or attending workshops where someone tells me how to try something new. Whilst doing this first assignment it has become apparent to me that I find it hard to think outside of the box, I always look back on what I know and have done before, this feels very restrictive! I’d love to just be given some materials, threads and paint and just told to go wild – currently this just seems beyond me though! I find it’s hard to have confidence in my own ideas and imagination, so I always end up reflecting someone else’s personal voice and ideas instead of my own. I did manage to learn though that I like working with natural, neutral, recycled-looking things, with a touch of metallic or bright colour here and there, and find too many bright clashing colours and contrast overwhelming.


I put a lot of time into reflection and working on my learning log, I like to write down all the thoughts and feelings I have about something at the time so I can look back and think ‘oh yeah that’s why I did that!’. There was a fair amount of research going on behind the scenes, but maybe I didn’t take enough time to write that up and show it on here as there were a number of other books and resources I looked at that I never review in detail on here.

Overall I’m happy with how this assignment went, and I can see many areas to try and improve in my next one.


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