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Project 9 Woven Structures


Experimenting with different techniques and materials.

I started this project by warping up my small loom with a dark blue acrylic DK yarn and practising making stripes with the same yarn in different colours, this produced a nice even piece, but the warp can clearly be seen, I’m not sure if this is just because it is darker than the weft yarns or if I didn’t beat it down hard enough. My next sample was made with a shiny DK cotton yarn and Ghiordes Knot’s, I tried to give it an ombre effect of one colour fading into the next, but I’m not sure how effective this was, the texture of it reminds me of a bath mat. Read the rest of this entry


Project 8: Yarns


Analysing colour, texture and proportion.

For this section I found a variety of pictures and tried to match some of the colours found in them, before creating a representative yarn winding of the proprtions of the colours used. Read the rest of this entry

Project 3 Colour : Stage 3 More recording colours accurately…


I’d been finding the subject of colour matching, and which colours play nicely together very confusing so I attended a workshop run by a local artist called Vicki Norman. One of the first things we looked at was how to accuratly match a colour.

Order of matching when colour mixing.

  1. Hue – colour eg. red, blue etc
  2. Value – light or darkness
  3. Saturation – bright vibrant colour through to grey de-saturated ones.

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