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Research point – Textile artists


The Work of The Textile Artist

I feel that textile artists and designers/craft-people approach a piece with a different outcome in mind. For example, when making a quilt to go on a bed, historically the quilt would’ve been a functional piece to keep people warm. The craftsperson would’ve used whatever materials were available to them, finding pieces of fabric and holding them together in layers for extra warmth. To prolong the life of these early pre-industrial fabrics which were very labour intensive to produce, they would’ve been patched and repaired, hence creating a more decorative patchwork quilt. The main function of the piece though would’ve still been to keep people warm. Even after people started designing simple geometric decorative patterns for the quilts, and using them to make their surrounding more beautiful or show off their wealth, the people making them never considered themselves to be artists and the items they made were still functional. Read the rest of this entry


Research: Gustav Klimt


Ever since I was at school trudging my way through an art GCSE the artist Gustav Klimt has always interested me. There’s something about his bold use of gold and repeating patterns that just jumps out and grabs me! I’ve been doing a lot of work on mark making and the use of colour in my sketchbook recently and this is an area where I can find a lot of inspiration in his work. Read the rest of this entry