Assignment 2


Reflective commentary.

Overall I enjoyed this section of the course. It was fun, messy and produced some interesting samples of work, it was however extremely time-consuming! I found it difficult to set aside enough time to set up, do the work, then clean up – and any interruptions meant my paint all started to dry out. I also struggled to find many sources of inspiration in my sketchbook as the coursework I was doing involved much simpler shapes and more colour than the sketches I tend to do. It made me realise that more of my sketchbook work needs to be about pattern and colour than the finished sketches I tend to produce.

With regards to the assessment criteria, I think this section of the course showcases the demonstration of technical and visual skills as it involved lots of experimenting with different fabrics and painting techniques as well as working on designs and compositions to produce my final samples. It also encouraged creativity as I spent a lot of time just playing around with different paints, colours and ways of getting them on to the fabrics. I obviously need to work on my imagination though, as none of my ideas seemed overly original but I surprised myself with how much I enjoyed working with simple geometric shapes in the final samples which is something I’d never really thought about before, but they turned out to be very visually striking and effective and made me think that maybe I over complicate most of my work.

I certainly produced plenty of samples for this project, but looking back feel I could’ve presented it better, they all get jumbled up and don’t really demonstrate a clear progression from idea to finished piece, and then I don’t go on to develop them into the next piece of work. This has shown me that I need to get strict with myself, I need to clearly note down my ideas and inspiration then work from them to an end point, looking back now my sketchbook is just a collection of disjointed exercises that I haven’t really taken anywhere. The content is there, but it’s not organised, developed or communicated effectively.


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