Sketchbook – quick figure sketches


I’ve been having great fun doing quick timed sketches recently using video’s on Youtube called Croquis Cafe. Each pose is held by the model for between 1 and 5 minutes, making it a real challenge to try and get down as much work as possible before the pose is changed. Sometimes they work out quite well – and sometimes they don’t – but I try to leave it all there no matter how I feel about it so I can see where I need to improve! Obviously the great thing about it being a video is that if I feel a sketch is going really well I can always press pause and spend a bit longer on it! I’ve also been using this as a way to test out different media and backgrounds for sketching, so far I’ve tried normal pencils, coloured pencils, felt tip pen, wax crayon, oil pastels, sharpie permanent marker, watered down acrylic paint, 2 different weights of sketchbook paper and some brown paper. I personally love the look of the work on brown paper, it seems to add some extra depth to the work some how, my favorite media for sketching has surprisingly turned out to be the oil pastels, which I’ve never used much before.

Of course I couldn’t just leave it at simple sketches, so I spent a bit longer working on these three. The lady standing was initially sketched in charcoal, then painted over with various layers of acrylic paint and texture medium. I then drew back into the paint with charcoal and oil pastels whilst it was still wet, adding some sharpie pen in after it dried to make the figure more noticeable.

The crouching figure was done in a similar manner but minus the charcoal, whilst the one lying down was painted over layers of very watered down acrylic paint which had been washed and dribbled over the paper, then finished off with oil pastel and sharpie once it was dry.


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