Project 3 Colour: Stage 6 Combining textures and colour effects


Machine Embroidery.

For this exercise I managed to find two types of water-soluble fabric to try, one was a clear plastic film, and the other was opaque and felt more like paper. To start off with I tried out the plastic film with dark colours – I first stitched a grid on to the film with black thread using a straight stitch, then I went back over it using a zig-zag stitch in lots of different shades of blue and green trying to create a progression from to the other like you would find on the colour wheel. I spent a lot of time working on this piece as I thought it would require a lot of stitches to hold the new lacy fabric together, but when I dissolved the film I found my stitches had formed quite a hard and dense mat, so I decided with my next piece to try a few less layers of stitches.

As suggested in the exercise I then switched to using pastel colours, again I started off by making a small straight stitch grid – with white thread this time. I then stitched over the grid with lines of zig-zag stitch starting with the white, then moving through cream, various pinks, a golden yellow to a peachy orange, overlapping each a little to try and create a gentle ombre-like effect of it gradually darkening from the white to the orange. I still stitched this one fairly densely so I deicded to try again on the film using even less stitches.

For this third piece I again used the plastic film. but instead of making a grid I just stitched randomly around with a straight stitch, then switched to zig-zags of various sizes. I also included some small pieces of gold organza in this piece and I love the effect it produces. This one is much lighter and more lacy, I could imagine it being used in a fascinator or headpiece for a wedding outfit.

For my final piece I looked through my sketchbook for a drawing to work from, but couldn’t find any that really inspired me so I quickly sketched out a few ideas using coloured pencils. In the ended I decided to try and create some angel wings, but I obviously should’ve chosen different colours as the finished piece looks like a butterfly to me!

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