Project 3 Colour: Stage 5 Coloured Stitches


For this exercise I had to use a black background and two primary colours – I picked red and blue to work with. I tried mixing the colours together in two different ways, using small crosses and french knots. The crosses blend together when viewed from a distance, whereas the french knots are still very separate looking. I think the amount of background fabric showing through has a big effect here, with the french knots not much of the fabric is visible so theres a clear contrast between colours, but with the crosses a lot of black can be seen, which I think dulls the effects of the colours on each other. Also, the crosses don’t directly touch, just sit near each other, whereas the knots are pressed up against each other.

Using circles of fabric I isolated one bigger area of colour against a smaller strip of satin stitch around its edge, this gave a very striking effect, making both colours seem to pop out, I’d like to try this again with more neutral colours – it makes me think of pebbles.

I found when working that the reds I used seemed very vibrant, whilst the blues had a tendency so fade into the background, so I ended up switching to lighter shades of blue to create more contrast – all the different shades of blue mixed together create a really pretty effect too .

I also found longer, and bigger stitches showed up better than smaller ones, but are more easily caught and damaged if the piece is not handled carefully. Smaller stitches blend more easily into the background.

I feel this exercise also goes a long way to completing stage 6: exercise 1, but it was so time consuming to make that I abandoned adding more to it if favor of moving onto machine embroidery.


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