Sketchbook – Project Green 3: Pleated skirt


With my quest to embrace all things green in full swing, I spotted this pale green outfit for 50p when I was out with the kids the other day. Now the outfit was totally not my style but I thought it had excellent potential! I started off by trimming quite a few inches out from the waist down to the hem of the skirt, then I stitched it back up careful to keep my seam hidden in the pleats, and overlocked it to neaten everything up. My skirt fit round the waist then but was far too long for my liking so I cut it in half , hemming the top half to make a lovely little summer skirt, and keeping the rest to try and make in to a dress – using the jacket in some way to make a bodice! I really love my new skirt, and I think the colour green is finally starting to grow on me! It turns out there are many shades of green that I do like, they just happen to be muted rather than vibrant.

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