Project 3 Colour : Stage 1 Preparation


To begin this new project on colour the first thing I did was make a colour wheel – probably a worse colour wheel than when I was at school! First I did a small wheel  using coloured pencils, and tried overlapping them a bit at the colour changes but it didn’t seem to make a noticeable difference, I then tried a small 6 colour  wheel using gouache paints – this I was much happier with! So getting cocky I tried to mix up a big colour wheel with a smoother transition between the colours, in places it worked, in others it didn’t, mostly down to how watery I’d made the paint I suspect.

I then moved on to making colours progressively lighter and darker, and mixing them with their complementary colour to see the effect. Normally I love the fact that gouache resembles watercolour, with both its style of working and visual appearance, but for colour mixing I found it extremely irritating. Everything was patchy and either too thick or thin, and if there was too much water in the mix as it dried it just ended up a big washed out mess. I could’ve just been having a bad few days with it as I’ve done more work with it since and its turned out beautifully, but this turned out to be an extremely frustrating exercise, so frustrating in fact that I’ve since booked myself in to a colour workshop with a local artist to try and improve this area of my work and ordered some acrylic paints!


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