A sock horse named Blue


A few weeks ago whilst messing around with all my crafty stuff I made these.

So when my son came home one day needing a sock horse to help decorate the school gardens for an open day, I realized I had the perfect inspiration (his school colour also happens to be royal blue!). I started off by finding an old sock which I filled with toy stuffing. Now this sock had definitely seen better days, so I decided it needed some work to hide the worst bits!

Recently I’ve been studying Gustav Klimt, and looking at his work for inspiration. So after a discussion with my son to see if my idea was acceptable, I covered the old sock with lots of different blue fabric circles – some of them were shiny to reflect Klimt’s golden metallic artwork, and a few pieces were velvet and chiffon to represent the luxurious feeling shown in some of his paintings. Then I hit a problem, after the PVA glue dried I realized it wasn’t strong enough to hold all the fabric on – at least not with the abuse my kids give things! So then 4 days of stitching began, first to stitch the fabric down, ears and eyes on, then to stitch the mane on. Whilst stitching the fabric on I tried to keep my stitches going in directions that emphasized the shape of the horses head, and ran mostly in the direction the horses fur would go. Stitching wasn’t easy at all, the PVA glue had made the fabric really stiff and hard in places, so I must investigate some different glues in the future. To make the mane I used the jersey yarn that I made a few weeks ago, and held it down with couching and running stitches, as well as knotting it together at the base to try and keep it secure. I also made ‘Blue’ a nice little rope bridle from some fabric twine I made so he could be a proper toy horse! Luckily he seems to have my sons approval, so hopefully he’ll return from school in one piece!

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