Seamstar craft club review – cushion cover and the colour green


Recently I won a craft club box from Seamstar, I wasn’t really sure what to expect having never tried anything similar before.
I have to say I was pleasantly surprised, the contents were of good quality and there was plenty of supplies included. The instructions included were also very well thought out, clearly presented, and printed very professionally on some thick card – so easy to save and use again with your own supplies. The contents of the box are shown below, although I did substitute the linen fabric for the back with something brighter from my own stash!

I have to say, when it turned up I wasn’t too keen on the colours. I love natural linen, but green has to be my least favorite colour! So I thought I’d use it as a bit of an experiment in working with greens. I’m just glad the accent colour included was a navy blue instead of the pink pictured on the website, I do love navy blue! However, I think the finished cushion turned out very nicely, nice enough to live on my sofa. It’s also the first cushion I’ve used piping and an invisible zip on – all that practice on dresses didn’t help though, I still sewed too close to the zipper teeth and had to unpick half of it, but instructions to make the binding were very good! I used my usual quilting technique on it of randomly spaced lines in various threads, and threw in a few different stitches just for a bit of fun!

Now lets talk about that pesky green! For some reason i’m not that keen on the colour, dark green that’s not too bad or a soft duck-egg shade maybe, but brighter more saturated greens just don’t agree with me! I’m not sure what it is about the colour, as living in the countryside I’m totally surrounded by it, and I find a long walk through the leafy green lanes and fields very relaxing, but when I come to use it in my art work or sewing it always tends to be left to a minimum. I tried making a lime green dress to mix things up a bit in the  past – it only got worn once! I think bright green reminds me of feeling sick, poisons and jealousy – it has many negative mental associations! So I’m determined to try and include a bit more green in my future projects to see if I can change my feelings towards it…

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