Sketchbook work May 2014


First up is some charcoal work. I started off by making rubbings of leaves and other surfaces in the garden, then tried making a few quick sketches of the things around me including plants, animals and even the uneven texture of the ground. Unfortunately the charcoal was smudging everywhere and when I sprayed it with hairspray it caused the work on the previous page to show through!

Next up I played around with some indigo gouache paint. I began by finding things to use to print on the paper, like the end of a cut piece of wood, I then moved on to leaves, grasses and twigs that I also tried using as a brush as well as to create prints. I had great fun creating a random fingerprint texture, and then used my fingers to create a loose impression of my horse Blackie, who was watching me with great interest.

Another afternoon whilst making myself some new t-shirts, I played around with making some jersey yarn from the off cuts – well the ones that went in the right direction across the grain of the fabric anyway! It went so well I cut a whole plain t-shirt to make some lovely navy yarn and tied each strip together with a knot, the red and white off cuts I sewed together on my sewing machine with gave a neater finish. I then tried crocheting it with a 8mm hook, I was hoping it would make a lovely soft stretchy fabric but it was actually quite stiff and course feeling even though I chose a very open mesh pattern to try. Using a smaller 6mm hook resulted in an even denser fabric which I suspect would be good for something like a floor mat – maybe I should undo it all and start again!


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