Flirting the Issue Skirt


One evening this week I took some time out from the mountain of projects I have piled around the house, to whip up a simple skirt using Anna Maria Horner’s free pattern. I’ve had the pattern stashed on my Ipad for absolutely ages but I’d never got around to making it. For one thing its meant to be made out of cotton voile which can be expensive, and isn’t sold at any of the shops local to me. So normally I have to order it online, which I don’t like doing for dressmaking fabrics as its so difficult to tell from a little tiny picture on the screen if the drape will be right, if the pattern on the fabric is the right scale so it doesn’t look odd, or even if the fabric just feels nice!

But then one of my favorite bloggers Rachel over at Stitched in Color¬†decided to use it for a sew-along and I was given some vintage fabric by my Great-aunt that I had no idea what to do with, so everything just fell into place! I’m not sure what this fabric is, although I’m assuming it’s some kind of polycotton as its very lightweight like voile, but doesn’t tend to crease. To keep in with using what I’d already got to hand, I lined it using fabric from an old lightweight duvet cover which is a plain pale blue colour, and used thread and elastic I already had stashed away. So effectively its a free skirt – yay!

I love this skirt so much, its really comfy and I’ve had lots of comments about how pretty and summery it looks while doing the school run, so I might just be tempted to make another! Might being the operative word – the ¬†thought of spending another 2 hours threading elastic through tiny channels is enough to give me nightmares…


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  1. Ha, ha! I agree about threading the elastic. I made this skirt today (will link up when I get the hem in) and the whole time I was threading the elastic I was worried about how the gathers would ever work out evenly as the elastic seemed to be “stuck” in the channels. However, it did work out! Yours looks great. Isn’t it nice to get compliments about something you’ve made?

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