Project 2 Developing your marks: Stage 3 A sample


For my sample I was inspired by a photo of some bubble wrap I took, which I then played around with in photoshop. The orginal bubble wrap was all dirty and muddy from spending winter out in the garden and nothing like the clean, shiny, white colour it was when it was new. I wanted this to influence the colours and fabrics I used so it would feel earthy, weathered and natural, not man-made and perfect like it was to begin with. I started by taking a piece of cream calico, crumpling it up and dabbing it with poster and fabric paints, I did this a few times, then wet the fabric and rubbed it together so the paint smudged and faded. When it was dry I iron it and placed it on top of some hessian before placing it in my embroidery hoop. I then picked an array of fairly neutral, natural coloured threads and a deep blue (for shadows) to work with. I found some beautiful recycled string in just the right colours, but it was so thick I struggled to get it through the calico so in the end I used couching to hold it in place, and could only sewing directly with it on the hessian. In places I used stitches such as backstitch, chain stitch and couching to create very solid areas at the edges of the bubbles, but in others I used randomly worked straight stitches and single chain stitches to create a broken and mottled effect. I also experimented with appliqueing a small piece of leather and sewing on some small beads as I felt their colours and ‘feel’ matched the effect I was going for. Overall I’m very happy with how this piece turned out, even if it doesn’t look much like the picture that inspired it!


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