Project 1 Stage 3 Using marks to create surface textures


Exercise 1.

I found 4 different pictures from a magazine then tried to recreate how they felt. The first one was sesame seeds in a salad, I felt the wax resist and gouache wash worked really well for this, the colours are so clear and vibrant and really contrast with the dark wax crayon giving the feeling that the seeds are tossed on the top. I also really enjoyed stamping circles in to thick wet acrylic paint to recreate the texture of some dress fabric pictured. I also used weathered painted wood and uneven floor tiles for my other resources.

Exercise 2.

I really enjoyed this exercise, first I applied and scrapped thick acrylic paint with a plastic knife to create the feeling of my dogs thick, soft, wavy fur. I then tried to create the texture of a towel using layers of ripped up kitchen paper towel with little pieces rolled up and glued on top which I then coloured with watercolour paint which soaked into the paper.The small one is  a rubbing I made of an interesting texture on one of the kids toys. Lastly I tried to recreate the textures and colours of a slate floor tile with watercolour paints, granulation fluid and lots of water on textured watercolour paper.


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