Project 1 Stage 2 Tonal Study


Now I think this could almost be the most fun I’ve had with my drawing in ages. For some reason I found it very satisfying to make these little sketches, I tired to keep some of them quite similar to better contrast the differences between the marks made by both mediums.

I started with the pencil sketches first trying out all the different pencils in my sketching tin (4H to 6B). I found it very difficult to create the darkest tone unless I used a 5B or 6B pencil, even creating many layers of marks with a harder pencil couldn’t create such a dark effect. However, I found it very easy to create light, pale tones with most of the pencils simply by pressing less firmly. The pencils were also good for creating very neat, definite marks, my favorites have to be the little crosses and swirly pattern, I think both of these would translate very well into stitches.

Next I tried various types of charcoal sticks and pencils, these were not so good for creating clear lines, even the hardest ones were very smudgy, although this made it  much easier to create graduating tones of darkness.  I think the two sketches made of overlapping straight lines would translate well into stitches, but I think all the rest would need paint to be recreated on fabric, or at least a very fluffy, loosely spun yarn.


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