Handmade Holiday.

Handmade Holiday.

I’ve just had the best holiday with my beautiful family, although it was much too short! Can I do it again? No? Well that sucks, guess I’ll have to wait for next year now! But I certainly did enjoy wearing lots of the clothes I made – so comfy!

Somehow I only managed to get a few photos, we were just having way too much fun. I actually managed to wear 3 different Tova’s, the one pictured is my favourite – a lovely soft Liberty Lawn, if only all my clothes could be made of this stuff, it’s a dream to wear! You can just about see my new raincoat on the back of the pushchair up there as well, boy am I glad I finished that! Typical British weather!

My big monkey also has another Batman t-shirt I painted for his birthday in black, I’ll have to grab a photo next time it comes out of the wash! Oh and I wore my homemade pj’s too! Don’t worry I’m only a little crazy, hehe!

And for something different, here’s a little ceramic thing I painted to put the tea bags on – yes I’m too lazy to walk all the way across the kitchen to the bin! I have a big fruit bowl I painted last year that matches – I figure if I keep painting one piece every year then eventually I’ll have my own designer kitchen set!

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