No Pattern Top

No Pattern Top

A few days ago, sparked by our sudden heat wave, I was looking for a really simple blouse pattern I could whip up super fast – using the smallest amount of fabric possible! I came across this very simple pattern on the Village Haberdashery blog, and I thought brilliant! So I pulled out some Tula Pink fabric I’ve had sitting around pre washed, just waiting to be made into something wearable!

The tutorial was quite easy to follow with a little bit of prior dress making experience – there wasn’t much explanation for drafting the neckline facing, but that’s quite simple to do if you’ve made anything before with a facing. Unfortunately, I think mine was an EPIC FAIL! Which is so sad, as I love the fabric, and thought this would be a brilliant way to show off the pattern! The trouble is its just way too loose and boxy, obviously my fabric is just too stiff – something with more drape may have worked better. It feels like I’m wearing a tent, and there’s just way too much fabric in the back, even belting it in didn’t work here! I’ve since tried taking in the side seams and adding back darts, but I’m still not happy with it! I’m just trying to work out how to salvage it now, I’m thinking if I can just get it to end up looking a bit more like Sewaholic’s Alma Blouse then I’d be happy!

Linking up with Fabric Tuesday over at Quilt Story!

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