Fabric painting fun!

Fabric painting fun!

Over the last few weeks I’ve been super busy, finishing up my giant swoon quilt, working on my Amy Butler jacket and raincoat, making a pile of various birthday presents, and going to a couple of fabric workshops!

The first workshop was an ‘Arty Day’ at my local fabric shop, it was lots of fun – especially the long leisurely lunch we all went out to a local cafe for! It was a lovely little class with only 7 of us, and a lot of mess!

We used Dylon fabric paints, mixed with various amounts of water and pre washed cotton poplin to experiment with splattering from toothbrushes and spray bottles. We tried out various techniques such as using masking tape to block areas off, making our own stencils and experimenting with leaves! I took bright pinks, purples, turquoise, yellow and white paint, although in hindsight I really wish I’d taken some more muted colours like navy, deep red and bronze to experiment with, bright colours are fun, but maybe less useable – I have no idea what to make with my new fabric! Each piece is about fat quarter size, so I’m guessing some kind of quilt or bag maybe!

It did however inspire me to try out my new splattering skills on a few other projects! This is a sneaky peek, more details to come soon…

One of my other finishes this week was this adorable little Hungry Caterpillar dress for a very special little lady who has a first birthday coming up soon. I found the pattern here! I made a few changes such as using buttons instead of snaps, I also interfaced the collar pieces and added a cotton lining to make it seem almost like it has a petticoat underneath but more comfy! Wish I had one!

I also finally started sewing up another flannel Tova top I’ve had lying around all cut out for months! It’s typical that I cut it out in the miserable cold weather so I could have something warm and cuddly to wear, then totally got caught up in all my other projects and only came across it again now as it was pinned to the pattern pieces i needed to cut out another Tova in some purple polka dot poplin – the perfect weight for our dodgy English summer! I thought no, I’m going to get this one done now, if I put it aside again who knows when I’ll come back to it again – and it would be a miracle if all the pieces are still there! It’s in a lovely black sketch fabric but for some reason the back of the fabric is bright white which I’m not keen on so I decided to line the front inset with some fabric scraps to hide it, and then added some pieces to the sleeves for a quirky touch – it also means I can get the entire top out of 2 yards of fabric even with my dodgy pattern cutting skills!

Ooooh I have so many more photo’s to share, but I think I’ll leave it there for now…

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*Edit* I’ve just come across this giveaway, I can’t resist a chance of free fabric!


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