Friday Finishes!

Friday Finishes!

My first finish this week is a dress I adapted from an old pattern my Nan gave me. I wasn’t too keen on the neckline of the original, I tried it on this top, and I don’t like the way it sits, it’s way too high and also has a facing which is always flapping around annoyingly! So I redrew the shoulders, lowered the neckline, left the cuffs off the sleeves and made it much shorter. Overall I’m quite happy with it, although I feel the elastic at the waist is about an inch too high so I might unpick it, I’m undecided whether to sew it back on lower, sew the binding on the outside to make it like a little belt or just to leave it off, hmmm…

My second finish is a lovely Tardis cushion, I made this from the pattern provided here. I can’t wait to make all the patterns for the Dr. Who-along, I have a whole heap of other projects to get finished first though!

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  1. Great frock- love the super eighties pattern, I’m sure my mum made me something similar once. Also love the cushion, you can’t go wrong with the smashing third doctor!

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