Like a bat out of hell…

Like a bat out of hell…

This little baby is my latest finish, and I LOVE her! I think it’s definetly a she, every time I look at her I think high heel shoes with red soles and cocktails! I had so much fun making her!

In a few weeks I’m attending a fabric painting class, I doubt I’ll learn much – I’ve done a fair bit of painting in various mediums over the years, but the prospect of a whole day of uninterrupted crafting, now that’s exciting! And as a bonus I won’t be scrubbing paint off my kitchen table afterwards, ahhh the simple pleasures in life…

However, I’m much too impatient to wait till then! Ever since I signed up I’ve had this project in my mind, well not exactly – I was thinking more flying birds, and in my opinion it turned out more bats in the night, but sometimes projects just take on a life of their own.

I started out by searching all my fabric scraps for some plain fabric I was willing to ruin as you never know how things are going to go do you! Plus it turns out I don’t have many solid fabrics. Eventually I came across some heavyweight calico I used to practice making a wiksten tank top way back when I first started dressmaking – looking back a strange choice of fabric! After ironing the fabric, I cut lots of little (supposedly) bird shapes out of freezer paper and ironed them on. Make sure that freezer paper is plastic side down – ask me go I know! Next I used a little sponge to put the Dylon fabric paint all over the fabric and freezer paper. I found it easier to peel the little birds off whilst the paint was still wet, it didn’t seem to damage anything if it was dry, they just peeled off easier when wet.

When all was dry I flipped it over on the newspaper and gave it a good long, extra hot iron on the back, then I hand washed and left it to dry in the sun. All this in the 3 hours the baby decided to nap that day! I really enjoyed the whole process, I’ve had the paint sitting on a shelf in my kitchen for ages so I don’t know why I haven’t done more painting!

Obviously from the photo’s you can see I then spent an enjoyable nap time turning my birds/bats into a beautiful clutch bag! Unfortunately I don’t really have a use for this beautiful bag, my life is more nappies and school runs than nights out drinking cocktails – I say more, not completely! Hehe! So I’m putting her in my Etsy shop so she can get the home she deserves! I’m thinking pale pink linen for my next experiment…

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