I’m swooning over this…

I’m swooning over this…

Woohoo! I’ve finally finished piecing my giant scrappy swoon quilt, and it only has one small chocolaty handprint on! 744+ squares later and I can definitely say a whole lot of insanity went it to this quilt, but that’s good as I needed to get it out of my system.

The past year has been a tough one, I’ve suffered badly with depression and anxiety, some days just the thought of getting out of bed was enough to give me a panic attack! This quilt was something to focus on and pour my anxious energy in to, there’s nothing quite like sitting chain piecing squares together, it’s simple and repetitive and I found that very therapeutic. Sewing might be my unhealthy obsession, but I don’t think any amount of therapy will get rid of it!

Now things are looking brighter. The sun is shining and I’m feeling much better, a brilliant opportunity has come my way, I’ve won a fab prize, and now this is finally finished! I’m ready to move on, so hopefully I can get it quilted and bound this week, there’s so much more I can’t wait to get started on!

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  1. this is my first stop at your blog, bug hugs to you and hang in there! You are completely not alone, I suffer from the same exact thing, I love the cathartic process of HSTs lol. I think your quilt is beautiful and that chocolate handprint just makes it all the more special! ❤ So glad I stopped by and met you!

    I am stopping by from the WIP hop, hop on by if you can! http://domesticdeficitdisorder.blogspot.com/2013/06/wip-wednesday-june-4th-edition.html

  2. This is absolutely delightful!! I love a Swoon and missed out on making this pattern – may need to rectify that! (can you remind me where the pattern is?) Meanwhile, I shared on A Quilter’s Table’s fb page.

  3. Congrats on a finished quilt top!! Sorry you were down for awhile,but very happy things have turned around for you:)

  4. Thank you so much for sharing, both about your quilt and your recent struggles. Quilting is a wonderful form of therapy, and is in my opinion, the very best form of “me time”. Take care and keep the pretty quilts coming 🙂

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