Festival of Strings!

Festival of Strings!

These lovely babies, each measuring about 24″ sq have been lovingly made from the scraps leftover from my Modern Medallion Quilt pictured below, and I’m entering them in to the Festival of Strings. I splashed out on a lovely fat quarter selection of Anna Maria Horner’s Field Study collection and coordinating solids for this quilt, I figured that if I was going to spend months sewing and quilting a quilt by hand then I’d better really adore the fabric I’m using, otherwise what would be the point! The only trouble with loving the fabric that much though was that I couldn’t bear to part with any scrap – no matter how small! At least this way I can be surrounded by it loveliness!


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  1. But it’s Anna Maria Horner! Besides with munchkins loving it so much, you just want more and more. How could anyone let a teensy little piece go?

  2. Just found your site through festival of strings..well done on the win! That medallion is fantastic and it’s even better that you can make something equally lovely out of the scraps 🙂

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