Bloggers Quilt Festival – Pop n Change

Bloggers Quilt Festival – Pop n Change

This beautiful quilt was my first attempt at a ‘real’ sized quilt and I’m entering it into The Bloggers Quilt Festival. I was given two Moda Freebird jelly rolls for Christmas one year and after many months of indecision, I was finally inspired by the Sugar Pop n Change Quilt on the Moda Bake Shop to open my beautiful beautiful jelly rolls. It was a close call, they were almost too lovely to open, but at least this way I get to admire all the pretty fabric on my bed everyday. The quilt measures about 90 inches square, and I just about managed to quilt it with simple straight lines on my little home sewing machine – that was one of the biggest sewing challenges I’ve ever faced! I backed it with a vintage floral sheet that was just a tiny bit too small so I used some leftover strips from the front to make it bigger. And it only took me about 18 months to make once I finally got up the courage to cut into the fabric. Thankfully I’ve got a bit quicker since this one!

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  1. How lovely! It can be agonizing to cut into fabric but we need to remember that’s why we picked it up in the first place – to make something even more pretty than the fabric by itself.

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