Medallion Mayhem!

Medallion Mayhem!

Finally I’ve finished sewing together the front and back of my Modern Medallion Quilt from the handstitched class I took! For me it’s something of a record, only 3 months and a lot of hand stitching later I have a beautiful quilt I’m so pleased with! The king sized quilt on my bed took me an entire year to complete – and that was entirely machined pieced and quilted.

Oops, I totally forgot to take a picture of the pieced back! Guess I’ll have to try again to take some better photos when all the hand quilting and binding is finished! With any luck by the time I’m finished stitching the weather might actually be nice enough to take some lovely outdoor shots, instead of hastily clearing the lounge floor of toys when the kids are in bed!

This week I’ve also been inspired to try baking some bread with my big monkey, last week I had a big success with some pitta bread, so together we tried making some spiced buns – just like hot cross buns, but I was too lazy to do the crosses! They were soooo tasty I must’ve managed to eat half the batch all by myself, surely 2 a day for breakfast is ok seeing as I made them myself…

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Yum yum!

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    • Thank you, I’m so pleased with it! Your instructions were brilliant, and I’ve already started on the quilting, the centre was hard going but the rest is very relaxing in front of the tv at night.

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