Wow February was a super busy month! Some how between preparations for a family wedding, feeling horribly ill for nearly two weeks, and half term holidays I managed to fit in making a flannel tova, a tiny little apron and two and a half dresses. Of course I’m still slogging away on my handstitched class medallion quilt any chance I get as well! I don’t know where I found the time!

My lovely new Tova top, it’s so soft and comfy, and I don’t think it looks too bad here even after being worn all day. I added a little bit of linen into the sleeves to make them slightly longer as I’ve always found the ones on my other tova’s to be an annoying length that get stuck right on my elbows. I also left this one full length to wear with my skinny jeans, in previous versions I’ve shortened it by 3 inches so it goes better with my other clothes. I’m so impressed that with the addition of the linen I managed to make this top from only a yard and a half of fabric, and I don’t know if it was the stretchiness of the flannel or the fact I used my walking foot but this went together super easily in only about 4 hours and I didn’t have any trouble with the inset at all, the last few times I’ve had to unpick it over and over to get it right!

I’m still working hard on my modern medallion quilt, satin stitching the jewels seems to be taking forever, but the next border made from patchwork and English paper pieced blocks is coming along nicely, I love the golden yellow colour! I also made this sweet little apron for a good friend.

Here’s my big monkey looking all smart for his part in the wedding, and we also had great fun making these coasters together in his half term holiday.

Lastly here’s a sneaky peek at my most recent finish, sorry for the awful photo…

Just trying it on for size...

Just trying it on for size…


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