Friday Finishes!

Friday Finishes!

Here are my finishes for the week:

First up is my new denim skirt and scarf, both are refashioned from clothes my lovely husband has donated my way. The skirt I made from a pair of jeans that were a little on the small side, and the scarf is made from two old tshirts he no longer wanted. I originally made the scarf to go with my new darling ranges dress as the neckline is quite open, and the weather is a little on the chilly side for showing off so much skin, however my son declared it the best scarf ever and insists I must now wear it every day! Oh dear! I do LOVE new clothes though, and if they are free then even better!

My other finish was a bit hard to photograph, it’s a little halter neck sundress for a 16″ doll. Unfortunately having two boys I don’t have any dolls to model it for photo’s! It’s a practice run of a pattern I want to make as a Xmas present for a good friend, the fabric is about as far as possible from the mental picture I have of what I want to make, but I needed to check the fit before I cut into my good fabric, and I think it’s turned out pretty cute just as it is!

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  1. Having girls it is so much more fun to sew for although my son occasionally requested that I make something for him. He still likes me to knit jumpers for him.

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