Darling Dress

Darling Dress

Ta daa!

Here’s my lovely Darling Ranges Dress all finished! I’m very proud – can you tell? Being only my second attempt at adult clothing from a pattern I’m very pleased at how this one turned out. It had its problems though, for some reason the bust darts are really short and fat and give a really weird pointy Madonna-like finish, so after much pinning, sewing and seam ripping I think it finally looks ok!

I like patterns as all the working out is supposedly done for you, that’s kind of the whole point, so I’m really not into altering one of the main bits, the front piece of the bodice was already shorter at the sides than the back piece before I even started messing with it, so it was hard to get everything to line up! I don’t even know what’s going on with the neckline, it sometimes goes all gapey, and the sleeves were totally wrong to sew together, but I got there in the end however, and I absolutely LOVE the fabric, although it does need ironing – yuk!

I think next time I’d make the bodice slightly longer to make it a bit more fitted, and a bit less maternity dress, but at least I could go and pig out at an all you can eat buffet in it and no one would spot my fat belly! I might just wear it for my Xmas lunch…

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  2. Your dress really is “darling” and it looks so cute on you!

    I have found that clothing is much easier to sew from patterns make by the large commercial pattern companies. They have decades of experience designing things that fit and go together properly.

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