Finish it up Friday!

Finish it up Friday!

Linking up with Finish it up Friday over at Crazy Mom’s Quilts, this is my latest finish, a star t-shirt for my little star! (Please ignore any blue marks, it’s not even been in the wash yet!)

After a few weeks of very little sleep, and even less sewing, two evil little teeth have popped in to my little monkey’s mouth, and suddenly he recovered his gorgeous smile and love for playing with his toys. Bliss! As my big monkey recently started school, this then created a bit of time for playing around with some old t-shirts and Growing up sew liberated by Meg McElwee. It was a bit of a challenge as I’ve only ever sewn with jersey fabric once before when I made my Jesus t-shirt, and I can’t say all the instructions in the book were the clearest I’ve ever read – from a beginners point of view! However, the lovely overlocker I’ve borrowed certainly made the whole process go a lot faster, even if I do spend the entire time wanting to scream ‘ahhh!’ out loud as the fabric disappears into the machine, and trying not to lose my pins into the cutting mechanism – that fabric disappears fast! It looks so pretty inside though, I’m almost tempted to put it on him inside out just so I can look at the pretty seams, almost! Give me a few more weeks of only 2 hour blocks of sleeping though and it could be a different story altogether…

And to finish here’s a picture of my little cutie with his new best friend.


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