Oh Brother!

Oh Brother!

The last few weeks I have totally been making the most of the time my husband could take off work in the summer holidays. We’ve spent lots of time with friends and family, enjoyed days out, tried new things, been to new places, and generally had a fab time!

There have been picnics in the park, learning all about creepy crawlies, garden improvements for the kids and my little monkey has even learnt to sit up by himself…

In between all these fab summer days, I’ve even managed to fit in a bit of sewing. Many months ago my lovely family bought me the Tova pattern from Wiksten as my mothers day present. I’ve been so desperate to try it out, but never got round to it with my clingy baby, but I finally decided I was going to fit it in to any spare minute I could find! Over the last two weeks with the wonderful help of verykerryberry’s brilliant Tova sew-a-long I’ve managed to get this far…

But totally without the help of my very naughty Brother sewing machine, which instead of sewing in the inset of my Tova decided to eat it instead, trying to finish the edges with the overlock stitch just made matters much much worse. After much time with the stitch ripper, pinking shears, and a big pile of thread it was just about salvageable, and the from the outside you’d never even know, which I guess is the important thing! Luckily I recently inherited an old Singer sewing machine, which even though it hasn’t been used for probably 15 years, and has never had a proper service, worked straight away unlike my fickle Brother machine! I love this baby… and with her brilliant help I even managed to get my cuffs done tonight, not perfect as there’s no free arm, but perfectly wearable in my opinion…


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