Finally a break in the rain…

Finally a break in the rain…

Yep, much more rain and I think our pond will be overflowing right down towards the house!

But at least some nice fresh air might tire this pair out so I can get some sewing time! (Notice they are ready for bed, but not ready for sleeping!)

Why is it babies only ever sleep for hours at a time when you’re either out or too busy doing something else to be able to fit in sewing time?!

My something else is currently christening invites, I don’t know why handwriting them seemed like such a good idea at the time, but in this age of computers I fear my hand is terribly out of practice so people may actually have no idea when or where it is! It will also be a miracle if any of the invitation cards make it out of the house without sticky little finger marks – it seems clean white things are terribly attractive to a grubby 3 year old!

However, I have managed to find some time to work on my practice Alabama Chanin top, obviously with a napping baby also in my arms – its a good job I’m not short sighted! Hopefully pictures to follow in the next few days…


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