The little pouch has a friend!

The little pouch has a friend!

Oh dear, that’s the “mummy has the sewing machine out” face! That little pout just breaks my heart, and I always end up putting the sewing away and going for a nice long cuddle! However, one night this week he managed to not pull that face for an entire 40 minutes whilst enjoying that nice big green Q printed on his chair, meaning my next little zipper pouch managed to get half quilted! Yay! After that I had to switch to hand quilting, but at least I could have some lovely baby cuddles at the same time!

Today a very over excited 3 year old led to a nice walk in the countryside to burn off some energy, and the pushchair ride resulted in a surprise 2 hour nap from the baby. So ta-da…

So I’m linking up with Crazy Mom’s Finish it up Friday again, Friday must be my lucky day!

But now for something even more exciting, with all this new found time for hand sewing, I have all the ingredients for a brilliant new project…


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