The one with the caffeinated baby!

The one with the caffeinated baby!

Here’s the beginning of my battle to make baby clothes – with attitude!

I call it a battle as:

1. It has taken at least a week for this old t-shirt (with a picture too brilliant to throw away) to make it out of the wardrobe and down the stairs. This would be because of a certain 3 year old who tells me off every time I venture upstairs in the evening as he is “trying to sleep”!

2. Having never made a pattern before, another 3 days then passed from me drawing out a pattern to actually finding the time and courage to cut the t-shirt up – no going back now!

3. After waiting for the kids bedtime, actually cutting the fabric, setting up my sewing machine, and getting out the instructions to work out which stitch to use on stretchy fabrics, my earlier craving for Dr. Pepper came back to haunt me as an extremely cranky baby refused to sleep or do anything else without me!

So for tonight I have admitted defeat, and hopefully, sometime before its out grown I’ll find 5 minutes to work on it! If i’m lucky all the pieces may even still be where I left them, and not hidden around the house by a cheeky little boy! Oh and no more caffeinated breast milk for the baby…


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