The beginning of my big adventure!

The beginning of my big adventure!

Hello and welcome to start of my big adventure into the blogging world!

In starting this blog I’m hoping to keep track of all the little things in life that so easily get forgotten in the fog of sleep deprivation caused by having a young family. I also wish to keep a record of all the things I love such as my family, friends, and the many insane projects I try to complete.

The craziest of all my projects so far has to be the king sized quilt for our bed which took me an entire year to make, so I’ll leave you with a picture of my quilt in the making, and hopefully in the next few weeks I’ll actually learn how this blogging process works!


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  1. King size…made one..never again! Quilting on a domestic machine, even straight line was a nightmare….THEN I took out all the quilting stitches so I could remove the batting, The quilt was way to heavy to sleep under..and that’s what we wanted to use it for! Got here thru Val’s linky party!

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